3 Must Do’s for Winter Skin

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Winter weather wreaks havoc on our skin requiring specific steps to maintain healthy and beautiful skin.  Taking these steps now will allow your skin to look its best as we move into spring and summer.


Dry Brushing the body skin with a firm, natural bristle brush with a handle (available at The SkinCare Corner), just prior to showering offers several benefits to the skin.

     > Exfoliation of dead skin cells
> Stimulation of lymphatic system aiding in body detoxification
> Increase of energy and blood flow
> Diminished cellulite
> Cleansing of pores

Dry Brush your skin using strokes toward the heart just prior to showering or bathing on a daily basis.

Continue a daily regimen of cleansing and toning your facial skin twice a day.
Use a microdermabrasion scrub between ‘cleansing’ and ‘toning’ two mornings a week.

Use the Feet Buffing Pad in the shower or bath 3-4 times a week to exfoliate the heels.


Most articles will mention that you need to avoid hot showers or baths during the winter months to keep your skin from getting too dry.  While this is good sound medical advice it just doesn’t seem to be very applicable.  Winter is the WORST time of the year to try and promote a ‘luke-warm’ shower or bath.  So, I say let’s be reasonable and go ahead and enjoy our hot baths or showers.  However, limit the time in the shower or bath.  Also, immediately after getting out of the water, lightly towel dry and moisturize your skin to lock in any beads of water that are on the top of the skin.  If you do not do this, then the water will evaporate off of the skin and take moisture with it.

Make sure you choose a physician strength, medical grade moisturizer to ensure effective absorption.  The majority of over-the-counter products on the market do not get absorbed and will actually dry and age the skin.

Our nails get drier with age causing them to get brittle, split and develop ridges.  We have an excellent nail conditioner available at The SkinCare Corner that I recommend for nightly use during these winter months.  In addition, soaking the nails in warm olive oil for 20-30 minutes twice a week will add additional hydration.

Hydrate with the Glytone Heel and Elbow Cream nightly for dry and cracked heels.  I’ve found it works best to cover feet with socks after applying and leave on overnight.


>Use specific products for the face and body that stabilize and nourish the skin cells, such as our EMJ Radiant C Cream, ZO Daily Power Defense and Growth Factor Serums.
>Continue Daily sunscreen.
>Wear winter gloves when outside.
>Continue drinking plenty of water along with hot herbal teas.
>Consume nourishing, warm, healthy soups.

Some of our vendors’ policies do not allow us to sell or ship our products to customers outside of the United States. We encourage all our clients to regularly see a doctor, preferably a dermatologist or other licensed skin care professional.

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