Why Mineral Makeup

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Makeup is fun, enhancing and versatile.  We use it to express our personalities, accentuate our unique, God-given features and increase confidence by looking our best.  So does it really matter what kind of makeup we use?  Mineral makeup has become an integral part of the cosmetic industry and skin care practices because it not only accomplishes all of the above but actually benefits the skin.

Mineral makeup, unlike traditional cosmetics, is not petroleum based and does not contain filler ingredients that block your pores or irritate the skin.  It contains no oil, talc, perfume, dyes or fragrances.  The colors are achieved by using pure iron oxides.  These oxides are combined with zinc oxides giving you natural protection from the sun and effects of aging.  It is common for dermatologists to recommend mineral makeup to patients who suffer from acne or rosacea.  The naturally gentle composition of mineral cosmetics like the Jane Iredale and Esther Balanced Beauty makeup at The SkinCare Corner is often tolerated by those who have skin allergies, eczema or easily irritated skin.  The particles overlap on the skin to form a filter that allows the skin to breathe while still providing protection from air-borne pollutants.  The inert minerals that compose this type of makeup do not support bacteria and therefore are less likely to become contaminated over time.

Mineral makeup has advantages beyond the health benefits.  The modern trend is towards a natural look.  Since mineral makeup gives excellent buildable coverage, the result is flawless, real skin.  As the minerals are applied they become warm and blend to provide smooth, even coverage.  A light spritz of Avene Thermal Spring Water helps to “set” the minerals for coverage that lasts all day without touch-ups.  It is surprising that this kind of coverage can feel so light and delicate!  Because minerals are light-reflective the result is a radiant glow that leaves the skin looking radiant and younger.

Your choice of makeup does matter.  Mineral makeup gives you the opportunity to combine healthy benefits with beautiful coverage.  The consultants in the SkinCare Corner at WellSprings are trained to assist you with color selections and application techniques to achieve your unique, amazing look.

Some of our vendors’ policies do not allow us to sell or ship our products to customers outside of the United States. We encourage all our clients to regularly see a doctor, preferably a dermatologist or other licensed skin care professional.

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