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There has been a resurgence in the use of foundation and Illuminator sticks in the cosmetic industry.  We are now offering these options in our Esther Balanced Beauty make up line.  There are several reasons for the resurgence in popularity. These are great products to include in your make up bag.

Foundation Sticks:

A spill-free option for foundation
The sticks are TSA travel friendly
Easy to apply at home or on the go
Can have a quick application allowing for more time to focus on “eyes” and facial contouring
Allow for layering for as much coverage as you desire

Illuminator Sticks:

Helpful to compliment the foundation chosen as a base
Allows a dewy glow
Easy to enhance features
Can be used as a concealer, bronzer and highlighter
Contouring of the face made easy
Can highlight areas such as cheekbones, brow bones and bridge of nose
Can use the bronzer color under cheekbones for further contouring
Always blend well once applied

Once these easy steps have been taken, you can then complement this foundation and contouring with eye and lip color.

Additional Tips From Audrey in the SkinCare Corner:

Start with a thinner layer of foundation so that you don’t accidentally make it too thick. Then build from there if you need more coverage.
If the foundation seems too matte or drying, blend it with a light, hydrating serum (such as our EMJ Ultra Hydrating Booster, available to order on our website) to add hydration and to spread the foundation better.

Please see us at The SkinCare Corner or our website for multiple color options in our Esther Balanced Beauty Foundation and Illuminator Sticks.

Some of our vendors’ policies do not allow us to sell or ship our products to customers outside of the United States. We encourage all our clients to regularly see a doctor, preferably a dermatologist or other licensed skin care professional.

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